What is the Role of an Undertaker?

Funeral Directors are there to help the bereaved at all times through their loss.

They assist you in planning the funeral you want for your loved on, within a pre-agreed upon budget.

They arrange and supervise every aspect of the funeral, that you will have chosen with their aid.

They will arrange the transport, and the care of the deceased. This includes preparation, preservation & presentation of the body.

They will liaise directly with all third parties involved in the funeral arrangements on your behalf.

They will assist you in obtaining a Death Certificate.

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Understanding the Cost of a Funeral Account:

Funeral Account:

Waterford Undertaker HerseArranging a funeral can seem a strenuous task at such a challenging time for those left behind. Specifically when decisions are needed in the preparation of a funeral and the costs involved.

Expenditure can easily become a very stressful and worrisome issue, for those who undertake the responsibility of preparing the funeral. In this aspect, it is one of the specific roles of the Undertaker to facilitate the needs of the family and the wishes of the deceased, that falls within the family's financial means.

It is required by members of the Irish Association of Funeral Directors, by the Association's Code of Practice, to discuss expenses as the funeral arrangements are made.

The person ensuing the funeral arrangements, will be advised of the varied costs and given the freedom to decide upon the arrangements and attached expenses. As the funeral arrangements are agreed, a breakdown of the charges will often be provided by the Undertaker, showing details of the overall funeral costs.

The Funeral costs are comprised of two distinct charges, which are explained as follows:

1. Funeral Director Charges

These are charges by the Undertaker and express the services provided and materials supplied, for example, costs of the coffin, hearse and embalming.

2. Disbursements

Waterford Undertaker HearseThese are payments made by the Undertaker to third parties, which constitute the funeral arrangements. These include the cost of grave purchase, burial expenses, notification expenses.

The difference between these charges is important as both charges are covered or paid for by the Undertaker, coordinated by and on behalf of the family. Disbursements, which are agreed upon in the funeral arrangements, include charges which often require immediate settlement.

Settling the Funeral Account:

Occasionally a family's financial situation may make finding the money to settle the Funeral Account difficult. This can happen for a number of reasons including, delays from solicitors regarding Wills or insurance. If a family fears there maybe difficulties in settling the Funeral Account, it is important for them to speak with the Undertaker, as soon as is possible. The Undertaker will have experienced similar situations before, and will be able to offer assistance.