Our role as funeral directors is to provide you with compassionate support and offer you our expert advice in all your options for the funeral; whereby we arrange everything in accordance with the wishes of your loved one and of the bereaved.

We will guide you through the main decisions that need to be made in order to honour the life of the person who has passed, these include:


Where the funeral will take place:

If you wish to have a traditional church funeral these usually take place in the parish of the deceased or of your choice and then proceed to the cemetery or crematorium.

There are other options for non-religious funerals, be it humanist or civil, we can discuss all of these options with you.


Caskets and Coffins:

We stock a range of caskets and coffins and we will offer you all information and advice on the options available to accommodate your preferences and budget.


We will also arrange all other aspects of the funeral including:

  • Cremation or Burial.
  • Mass or service prepared in accordance with your preferences, support in creating the Eulogy, choice of poems and music.
  • Hearse, whether a traditional or horse-drawn, along with a range of transport for the family on the day of the funeral.
  • Dove release, balloon release, live music at the graveside, customized caskets, video tributes and floral tributes.
  • Referral for counselling services and child bereavement support.
  • Death certificates
  • Confidential pre-planning arrangement services and pre-payment service.
  • Repatriation, we will co-ordinate all of the documents required from coroners, embassies and airlines.

Luke has a strong knowledge of the legal procedures that surround the event of transitioning a deceased loved one home; be it from Ireland to another country or from another country back to Ireland.


Funeral costs:

The cost of a funeral is determined by you and your family. The costs charged by the funeral director will include the coffin selected, transportation costs, preparation of the deceased and professional services.

Costs also include payments to third parties on your behalf including florists, the cemetery or the crematorium. In all cases, we will offer you a detailed quotation of the estimated costs for the funeral services you have selected.