Luke Hennessy Funeral Directors is a family-owned service and has a long history of serving the families of Waterford city, providing a full range of funeral services with the utmost dignity and respect.

Past Proprietor of Luke Hennessy Funeral Directors was Luke’s Father John Hennessy.

Luke is a fourth generational Funeral Director. As the fourth generation of our family to be funeral directors in Waterford City we can provide you with 120 years of experience and we pride ourselves on being part of one of the most caring and honourable professions.

The high standard of excellence upheld by past generations is now delivered today through Luke Hennessy Funeral Directors.

We offer a professional service tailored to your individual requirements catering for all customs, faiths, denominations and cultures. We hold vast experience in arranging Humanist and Civil Funerals.

Our Mission

We aim to create a space for families with the highest level of support. When an unexpected death occurs, it can be a highly intensified emotional time; our staff are equipped with the skills to support families through a trauma-informed care approach.


Our work is underpinned by our core principles; by providing a safe space where trustworthiness, dignity, respect and support are all fostered.

We believe at Luke Hennessy’s that choice, support and empathy through a non-judgemental approach are integral throughout the funeral process.